What is the danger of a lump on the leg?

What is the danger of a lump on the leg? Do you like high-heeled shoes? With pleasure run to the store for a new pair of beautiful shoes? Our advice to you: choose comfortable shoes and wear orthopedic insoles, otherwise you will have to forget about louboutins.What what can happen to your foot?Almost all women after 40 years of age have the same problem: transverse flat feet begin, and as a result, lumps grow on their legs. To be honest, many people do not even pay attention to this, although the foot does not look very aesthetically pleasing.Thumbs turned away friend from a friend, a lump grows at the base of the thumb, which protrudes through the Shoe. Over time, it increases, the thumb deviates further, touching the rest. The appearance of the foot becomes even worse. There is pain in the legs. Shoes become more difficult to pick up.In any case, the person is in a hurry to buy a new pair of shoes, and the pain in the legs continues. After all, flat feet are not only dangerous for posture, but also dangerous for the health. Lacks the necessary curvature of the spine, arthrosis and other dysts develop complications and other dangerous complications. We have prepared for you for your convenience.When do I start treatment on my foot?If you have any pain in your legs, call a doctor. A specialist will help you find out the cause of your pain. Then in the future, it will be very easy to turn your back and get out of bed. This is not always the case. Sometimes the pain can be very strong.For example, when she was 26, she had a complete rupture of the fibromial-sacral herpetic reflex. She could not straighten her legs, could not perform any movements. In addition, she had a long way to go.Only a doctor can diagnose the condition. Only him can prescribe treatment. What can happen to your foot?It will help yourself and see how you can improve your lifestyle. Don't delay, make the right decision and get started!

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