What not to do in case of arthrosis?

In summer, the choice of sports should be individual or club. Where can I purchase training wheels? Where can I get games and classes if I want to be sure that my health is preserved? My child will be watching over him...

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10 mistakes that people with rheumatoid arthritis make

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a rheumatic autoimmune disease that causes joint pain and affects the entire body. This disease occurs in both adults and children. Caus...

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Treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint

The best option for joint arthrosis is to stay in the strictest physical condition. At home in theatoriuma, doctors make sure that the joints are "on fire" Those who have ever experienced pain in the knees remember thi...

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Bursitis treatment

Bursitis is an inflammatory lesion of the Bursa-the periarticular, otherwise synovial, bag. The periarticular bag is a narrow cavity in which there is a special liquid that reduces the frictio...

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What is the danger of a lump on the leg?

Do you like high-heeled shoes? With pleasure run to the store for a new pair of beautiful shoes? Our advice to you: choose comfortable shoes and wear orthopedic insoles, otherwise you will have to forget about loubouti...

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Vegetative-vascular dystonia (VSD)

Perhaps it is difficult to find a patient living in the territory of one of the former Soviet Union countries who has not experienced such a diagnosis as vegeto-vascular dystonia (VSD). At the same time, many doctors d...

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