Bursitis treatment

Bursitis is an inflammatory lesion of the Bursa-the periarticular, otherwise synovial, bag. The periarticular bag is a narrow cavity in which there is a special liquid that reduces the friction of surfaces inside joint's.

How does the disease manifest itself?

Inflammation is manifested by swelling, pain, and limited mobility of the affected area. The diagnosis can be confirmed with the help of a doctor.

Lack of timely adequate treatment of pathology it leads to long-term disability, and almost half of the patients-to the development of a chronic disease.

What can and should you do yourself?

An important condition for the effectiveness of therapy is to ensure functional rest of the joint, eliminating the load on it. How exactly is such a condition implemented, it depends on the localization of the pathology and the severity of symptoms. So, when the elbow joint is affected, it is necessary to make an elastic bandage, excluding any movement. Further actions are taken only after consulting with a doctor.

How can I help you a doctor?

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